Mama's Hour

Client: Supernova Media
Status: Offline
Release Date: 27.12.2007
Category: Informational Website
Maintenance: 2007-2010

Mama's Hour is a live talk-show, production of Supernova Media, which can be seen every workday on the Bulgarian national television station bTV. This is the place where the present and future parents can share opinions, watch specialists' advices on raising the children, discuss problems such as the socialization of the mothers within the society after having a baby, family relations, organization of the spare time, etc.

The website is dedicated to the same parents audience - present and future parents with small children. It presents the show and its authors, offers the users to participate in it, to request future themes, to read specialists advices and to publish advertisements. There's also a community forum in which are discussed all the present and future problems of the mothers, related to their life and raising the children.

Since January 2008 the site contains also a list of future shows and resumes of the past ones, together with a "thermometre" for users' opinion on important themes.


Graphic design concept: Kristina Toujarova
Interface (front-end development), back-end development & CMS: Pixelflower

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