Forest Gene Fund

Client: Инициативна група Витоша
Status: Online
Release Date: 26.01.2012
Category: Informational Website

The project "Conservation of the Genetic Fund and Restoration of Priority Forest Habitats in Natura 2000 Sites" aims to improve the conservation status of the two priority forest habitats of the Natura 2000 sites of Dragoman and Plana in western Bulgaria and to create the right conditions for the ex-situ conservation and restoration of other deteriorated forest habitats of European importance in Bulgaria, by establishing a gene bank for reproductive material and provision of plants for restoration.

The project will carry out awareness-raising activities among the local and wider general public on the Natura 2000 network and on the need to adapt forest management to factors such as climate change. It will also provide and exchange information on sustainable restoration methods and conservation management issues for the ecosystems concerned.

The "Forest Gene Fund " website presents information about the project and its activities. The website also provides the back-office with a complete CMS for the entire content.


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