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Client: Krassen Krestev, ImageContext
Status: Offline
Release Date: 11.11.2008
Category: Portfolio Website
Maintenance: 2008-2009

ImageContext is a graphic design consultancy founded by Krassen Krestev in 2005. Currently Krassen Krestev teaches graphic design and typography at the American University in Dubai, UAE.

The main priority of the design philosophy of ImageContext is the creation of visual intelligence. Their design approach is always based on research and analysis. Design for design’s sake is out of our range of priorities.The projects that trigger our interest vary from corporate identity, information design and exhibitions to custom-made lettering/type design, design for print, and web, and purely conceptual visual solutions.

The website provides the users with detailed project gallery. It also provides the back-office with a complete CMS for the entire website's content.


Graphic design concept: ImageContext
Interface (front-end development), back-end development & CMS: Pixelflower

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